Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Zero Tolerance" Lightning Strikes Twice in Penn HIlls, PA

Administrators at the now-infamous "zero tolerance for mature common sense" Penn Hills, PA school district have now suspended fourteen students at Shenandoah Elementary School, after discovering that the children traded and enjoyed bags of powder they made from different flavors of Kool Aid and sugar. Perhaps dimwittedly, the kids called their confection "Happy Crack," and Penn Hills has zero tolerance for fifth-grade foolishness with sugar. Being children, and moreover being children in a school district with no grown-ups to speak of in charge, their foolishness in calling their confection Happy Crack can't much be held against them.

But parents and taxpayers absolutely should hold against the administrators in this district the idiocy manifest in the suspensions and the expulsion of the last two weeks. See immediately preceding post, below.


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